Drawing on the metaphors of artificial life, in computer science, literature and the arts, DataGolem seeks to realise a radical, malleable, interactive, generative dance/live art performance system. Breaking the mould of conventional interfaces by the production of open source software which originates in an 'openly sourced' fashion by a series of 'concept capture' LABs people from different specialisms in the performing arts, humanities, computer science and technology pool their ideas and expertise.The LABs are creative workshops for interdisciplinary teams and harness a multiplicity of approaches to produce a prototype for a radical 'open' interface, combining discrete forms of audio, electronic, logical, physical, textual and visual representation. DataGolem uniqueness lies in it's redefinable nature, being open to assignment and interpretation, initially by LAB participants, ultimately by independent artists, choreographers and interdisciplinary creative technologists.

Devised and facilitated by: Tessa Elliott and Jonathan Jones-Morris SURGERY - Digital Art Research
Presented by: SCAN
Supported by: University of Portsmouth, Creative Technologies Research and SPACE Gallery

For more information go to the DataGolem wiki